Danger Dan Series

Published by Epigram Books from January 2014 to January 2015, the series is about Danny, an ordinary Primary 5 boy in Singapore who lives an alter ego life as Singapore’s secret superhero, Danger Dan. One day quite by accident, he travels back into the past and meets Melody, an enigmatic 14-year-old girl from the future, whom he calls Gadget Girl. Melody tells Danny that due to a time warp, certain parts of Singapore’s history has been changed and it’s up to them to right them otherwise it’s disaster for Singapore!

Each of the books see Danny and Melody go back to a specific time period and event. In the course of their adventures, they encounter significant people and landmarks from that period. The series was written as a fast-paced and entertaining read, with historical elements seamlessly woven into the plots and not as a way to push history to kids. The simple and humorous style makes the books especially ideal for reluctant readers.

Each book includes two pages of Fascinating Facts, which provide information about the time period, people and places covered in the book. The series is supported by the National Arts Council.

Reading level: 8-12 years old. Each book retails for $10.90 (before GST). You may buy them from Epigram Books' online store, Closetful of Books' online store or at all good bookstores.

Want to take a sneak peak? Click on the links below to read a blurb and sample!

#1 Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind
#2 Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem
#3 Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate
#4 Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison
#5 Danger Dan Creates the Ultimate Utama Uproar

Praise for Danger Dan series

By Educators 

“Refreshingly well-written, with lots of local flavour. A fun and engaging read.” – Zahira Mohd Sedik, Head of Department GEP Humanities, St Hilda’s Primary School

“If you are looking for fun and adventure, check out Danger Dan! Combining excitement, humour and Singapore’s history, Danger Dan does not disappoint! A wonderful read for children who enjoy action-packed books.” - Sabrina Koh, English Language teacher, Holy Innocents’ Primary School

“A fun story that also educates! Readers can learn good vocabulary and understand more about Singapore history as they join Danger Dan on his adventures.” – Dr Tay Hui Yong, VP, Nanyang Girls’ High School

By the Media

“If Doctor Who were 11 years old and born in Singapore, he’d be a lot like Danger Dan. This time-travelling boy wonder romps through Temasek with a feisty female partner, offering a fun alternative to boring textbook versions of local history.” – Clara Chow, journalist and parenting columnist

“Monica Lim and her daughter Lesley-Anne mix history and humour in their Danger Dan adventures featuring a terrific time-travelling hero from Singapore.” – The Sunday Times

“Very addictive books that draw readers in like an action-packed movie! Engaging mix of imagery, humour, plot twists, all laced with a distinctive local flavour.” – Chow Yian Ping, journalist, Lianhe Zaobao

By the Arts Industry

“Danger Dan is an exciting, fast-paced series that cleverly blends Singapore history with science fiction, adventure and comedy. It had me chuckling out loud. My kids love the series.” – Janice Koh, actress and former Nominated Member of Parliament 

“A relaxing read. The history and culture of Singapore are cleverly weaved into an adventurous story.” – Louise Law, Festival Manager, Hong Kong International Literary Festival

“An entertaining and engaging combination of fantasy and history!” – Edmund Lim, author of Where’s Grandma?, winner of the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2013

“Singapore, get ready for your newest superhero as he stumbles his way into greatness… accidentally! Laugh-out-loud funny!” – A.J. Low, author of Sherlock Sam series
“Warning: Danger Dan is dangerously fun. A solid hit. Kids, parents and even teachers will love this book!” – David Seow, author of Sam, Sebbie and Di-Di-Di series

"A fun and funny adventure! An exciting debut by one of Singapore's youngest authors!" - Adeline Foo, author of The Diary of Amos Lee series

By the Kids Themselves! 

"Easy to read, funny and uniquely Singaporean. I can't wait to read the next adventure!" - Megan, 10, St Anthony's Canossian Primary School

"Super funny! Danger Dan has the best jokes ever! I couldn't stop laughing!" - Benjamin, 7, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

"It was so fun I read it all in one day. I want to read the whole series!" - James, 9, St Stephen's School

"I like Danger Dan so much. His adventures are funny yet so cool." - Alejandro, 10, International Community School

"I like how the Danger Dan series brought me to old Singapore. The adventures never fail to excite me. I had fun reading the stories and will continue!" - Nerissa, 12, St Margaret's Primary School

"I find Danny so funny! I like the exciting parts where Danny and Melody have to escape from the bad guys. I like the gadgets they use too. I can't wait for the next book!" - Fang Jun, 9, Temasek Primary School

"I like Danger Dan as it makes learning the history of Singapore so much fun!" - Natalie, 11, Rosyth School

"Danger Dan is adventurous yet mischievous! Together with Melody, he uncovers many secrets of Singapore's history. I couldn't put the books down! - AJ, 8, Kong Kwa School

"The books are so creative! I like the idea of travelling through time and all the weird, awesome inventions, like the air-con jacket." - Chine, 11, Nanyang Primary School

“I like Danger Dan as he can go back in time. I can learn about the history of Singapore in a unique way.” - Wee Herng, 9, West Grove Primary School

“Danger Dan's antics always cheer me up and I find myself bursting into laughter whenever I read the books!” - Conan, 12, Yumin Primary School